"While the rest of the species is descended from apes, redheads are descended from cats." MARK TWAIN

and I am a stereotypical redhead full to the brim with cat DNA... intelligent, fun loving, adventurous and full of passion and life. I come and go when and where I please, purr when petted, Yowl outrageously often during sex, sometimes seem fickle yet secretly full of affectionate passions. I often indulge myself in pure pleasures as if each moment were made just for my hedonistic side.... And yes... I really do climb trees.... It is my only sport that I partake in consistently. (yes it is now seen as a sport)

I am a very confidant women, well read and knowledgeable about almost any topic you can bring up. Since I am at ease almost anywhere I roam almost every one that spends time with me easily relaxes and we can always find much in common. Trust me, there is no need to be nervous around me!!! I enjoy everything I do to the fullest and openly welcome new adventures and new friends of all types. I love good food, good conversation and good fun. While I have been told that I am a good listener I also tend to talk a bit (can't tell by the wordy web site can you?).

I have a rich fantasy life and love to explore it in a safe and comfortable manner...Feel free to let me know which are your favorite photos! It helps me to become a better model. You can do this in the member's section and this way I can really customize a visit!