Although I do not require additonal gifts, it is sometimes a great idea to help make your photo shoot with me something special and memorable.

Dress: 5-7 (med)
Stocking: Medium
Shoes: 8 1/2
Bra: 34DD
Panty: Medium

Sorry, at this time I am restricting my alcohol intake for fitness reasons, so please no gifts of wine...

I would LOVE TOYS!!!! Gift Certificates from

Jewelry is always wonderful and makes me feel very sexy! I love certificates to Blue Nile but often a simple thing will do to really enhance and specilize your photo shoot.

I do not ever wear scented things as a lingering smell can compromise you.
So please no perfume. Sorry


Flowers are ALWAYS nice and brighten my room up alot when on the road although I often quickly kill live ones... I may be a farmers daughter but I didn't inherit the gene for the green thumb... Silk is best since they last forever and not even I can kill those puppies :)

MUSIC!!! I enjoy good music to add to my collection. Just bring your favorite CD and I can upload it for us to listen to on my IPod...
My taste are eclectic so anything is fine.

Got the laptop already! Thanks!